Starters is a good beginning to any feast, and sandwiches are something which can save you in case of unexpected guests. Each housemaid makes sandwiches with sprats in her own way. It is easy and fast to prepare this delicious starter, if you have very few necessary products.

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    Delicious layered all season salad with products, which are available all year round. But the most important ingredient is Latvian sprats. From this fish the taste of this meal directly depends. Boiled eggs, carrot, potatoes, and spring onion will only complement taste of the fish in this salad. It is noted, that this salad is well appreciated even by people who usually do not very favor anything made from fish.

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  • Puff pastry pie with sprats

    We all love pies: with cabbage, mushrooms, meat, fish, jam or cottage cheese. But have you tried pie with sprats? It is worth to taste! Delicious!

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